01 January 2014

Larry Mullen, Jr., was born on October 31, 1961, in Dublin. He was two years behind Bono in high school but both noticed each other. It was Larry who posted an ad on a bulletin board at school looking for musicians to start a band.

Paul Hewson (a.k.a Bono) was born on the 10th of May, 1960, in Dublin. He was a very outgoing person in high school who responded to Larry’s note saying that he could play guitar and sing. He really couldn’t do either.

Adam Clayton was born in Oxfordshire, England, on March 13, 1960, and moved to Dublin after his father got a job flying for Aer Lingus. Although he was not a very good student, he was always very polite to everyone. He was the only bassist to respond to Larry’s note.

Dave Evans (a.k.a. The Edge) was born on August 8, 1961, in East London. His family moved to Dublin a year later. He was often known as a loner early in high school. He took piano and guitar lessons and often played with his brother, Dick. Both showed up to “U2’s” first little gathering at Larry’s house (60 Rosemount Avenue in Dublin).

They all set up in the Mullens’ kitchen and played the Rolling Stones “Brown Sugar” and “Satisfaction.” At this point, the entire group of hopefuls for the band included Larry, Dave and Dick Evans, Adam Clayton, Paul Hewson, and Ivan McCormick.

Bono, which is a shortened version of “Bono Vox”, his original nickname, got the name through a group of friends who were known as the Lypton Village. The name, which means “good voice” in Latin, was taken from the name of a hearing aid shop in Dublin.

Some reports say Edge was named by Bono because Dave was always on the fringe of things. Other stories suggest Bono gave him the name because of the sharp lines and angles of his face when he was a teenager.

In Lypton Village they thought it strange that you should go by a name given to you by your parents, when that name might not really suit you. The nicknames were often associated with a facial thing and it would then also apply to the person’s character. So The Edge had this prominent jaw line & was always on the edge of things: like an observer. Bono’s first Village name was: Steinhegvanhuysenolegbangbangbangbang. Paul McGuinness became known as “The Goose.” [SL, CB, GB, M2]