01 January 2014

The person on the album covers of War and Boy is Peter Rowen.

He was a kid who lived across the street in front of Bono’s house in Dublin.

He’s the brother of Derek “Guggi” Rowen, and Strongman - both of which were in the Virgin Prunes.

Peter later became skate-board champion of Ireland, works in a skate-board shop and has also had various acting parts, notably in The Commitments and The Snapper.

In The Commitments, Peter plays the kid who wants to audition for Jimmy’s band, and is carrying a skateboard in his arms as he yells to Jimmy from the street below.

More recently, Peter was one of the pallbearers at the funeral of Bono’s father, Bob, who died August 21, 2001. (He joined Bono, Edge, Larry, Guggi, and Bono’s brother Norman as pallbearers.) [SL, Ge, CB, M2, PC]