07 January 2014

Melon is the name of a CD produced and distributed by U2’s official fan club, Propaganda. It was sent out to all subscribers in late 1994 / early 1995, and consisted of nine remixes of U2 songs.

Hasta La Vista, Baby was the second fan club only release through Propaganda. It was sent out in the Summer of 2000 to subscribers, and is 14 live tracks from the Mexico City PopMart concert featured on the PopMart Live from Mexico City video release.

U2.Communication is the third fan club release, this time released to subscribers of u2.com. It was a double disc set, with the first disc containing audio from the Chicago and Milan Vertigo concerts. The second disc is a CD-Rom and contains screensavers, desktops and a video clip from the Milan Vertigo concert.

At this time you cannot order a copy of either Melon or Hasta La Vista, Baby from any official outlet. They are out of print, and further printings are not expected. Both often are available for auction on sites such as eBay, Yahoo Auctions and Amazon Auctions.

U2.Communication is the 2005 gift from u2.com, and you can still receive the CD at this time by subscribing to the website. At this point it is unknown how long this offer will run.

These three CDs are the only three CDs produced for the fan club. There is an entire series of remix CDs, with names such as Mango, Banana, Strawberry, etc. – these are all bootleg compilations and are not released by the band itself. Melon itself has been bootlegged, the official version came in a cardboard sleeve, the bootlegs came in a regular plastic jewel case, so be careful when looking for this item.

Just weeks after the release of U2.Communication there were reports of bootleg copies of the album circulating on EBay.